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Finalncial Security and an exciting way to earn a substantial income.

I’ve been involved in gold investing for over 7 years and let me tell you, I’m really excited about Karatbars.
Karatbars is an amazing opportunity that makes buying gold affordable and offers an exciting way to earn a substantial income by sharing the program with others.
The best way to invest in gold and precious metals is to cost average your purchases: buying budgeted amounts at a fixed interval. As I am writing this, gold is priced at $1221.60 an once. Karatbars come in affordable 1, 2.5 and 5 grams size. Right now, a gram of gold is worth $61.62.
With that ounce or more of gold you might buy, it’s hard for your average investor to determine the quality of that gold. There have been instances of bars with tungsten wrapped in gold foil. With Karatbars, you are getting a “good for delivery” bar that has been certified by the LBMA and has a patented hologram covering the entire back of the Karatbar for additional security.
This security feature will cost you a little bit more over the spot price of gold, but there are ways for you to discount that cost and still get the benefit of it’s security features.
I can go on with all the other qualities of why Karatbars are an amazing way to invest in gold. What I really want to get to is the affiliate program. It’s free to sign up to get an account and you can start selling Karatbars through your account for a great commission!
Through the dual team affiliate program, you can potentially make more than $4,500 a week in as little as 12 weeks. To do this, you need to first purchase a sales package which starts at the bronze package which costs approximately $135 currently. You can upgrade your sales package at any time to make even higher commissions. In addition, you’ll have a team of professionals behind you to make sure you are profiting from this program.
There are a lot more details I can go into if this sounds like something you’d be interested in. Feel free leave a comment about any questions you might have. Below is the link to sign up for your free affiliate account or if you are just interested in purchasing Karatbars.

Karatbars International

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