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Dark Hearts

My personal journey of discovery

It wasn’t an average morning at all.

   As I stand on the bank of the Hudson River and peer out across the waters,  I thought , I’m watching the entire world change before my eyes. It wasn’t an average morning at all. From the very start it seemed like some one had left the doors to the asylum open. On the train, there was a fellow holding an imaginary gun shooting from the front of the train into the darkness of the tunnel leading to Penn Station. This wouldn’t be such a odd scene in NYC, but this wasn’t the Subway. This was the morning rush hour commute on the LIRR.  I waited for the NY waterway ferry bus on 34th street like I had done every week day since starting my new job. I had worked  down town in the shadows of the twin towers on Chambers St the year before at an internet start-up company that went bust in the tech bubble.  Hopped on the bus and as we approached the West Side Highway, I kid you not, I saw an old man riding his bicycle wearing an aluminum foil hat.  It must have been about 8:45am that I arrived at the terminal and boarded the ferry to Lincoln Harbor. The ferry pulled out as it normally would. As I stand on the bow of the boat crossing the Hudson I saw a peculiar sight, smoke poring out of one of the twin towers. All my days working in Weehawken NJ, taking the ferry the towers were always a focal point for me. Memories of trips when family would visit from abroad ( as a Long Islander these are the only times you go see land marks like this) and my time working down town discovering all the foods in the area like the Thai place right by the WTC with the autographed pictures of the members of Kiss. ‘Wow thats going to be a huge job for the FDNY’, my Buddy was an EMT and I knew without a doubt he’d be on the scene. I would have been off the ferry at about 8:52 , a crowd had already gathered to watch what was happening. Smoke continued to pour out. I watched as a cesna type plane flew close to the towers while I dialed a few people I thought might be close to a TV. I was looking right at the towers while on the phone with my mother as I heard the most awful sound of shattering glass a huge fireball shooting from out of the side of the south tower. “Another plane just hit” said one one the onlookers. I better get inside quick.


As I finished my assent from the underworld, before me was a huge upside down American Flag

   At my desk I quickly logged in to get information on what was happening. I went to all sites I could rely on to tell me the truth. “Planes fly into the world trade center” , “Could this be the work of Osama bin Laden” Hey! yeah thats the guy responsible  for the USS Cole attack, my brain had made the connection, so yeah that makes sense. The manager I worked for at the time had to work to keep his mind off of what was happening, which meant I would have to work too going over  technical spec’s I had written. He was an immigrant from Russia; it was his birthday and he was going on about Chile and how bad things had a habit of happening on his birthday. Chile? Really? I thought. We are right in the middle of this tragedy and your thinking about Chile? . Suddenly we felt a shaking in our building. One of our co-workers came running over crying “The building, it fell down” Was she mad? This seemed like an impossibility to me at that moment. I should have stuck to my gut instinct.  I quickly went outside  and joined the crowd. She was right, only one tower stood standing. I gazed out thinking, now there is only one. There will be just the one lonely tower and the stories would persist how about how once there were two.  Not too much longer after this thought entered my head it happened, the second tower began to disintegrate before my eyes.  It was like a cigarette burning at high speed. The sight was followed by the sound and rumbling. This rather large man in front of me was screaming. “This is war! we’re going to war!” I just stood there absorbing the surreal events taking place then it hit me, how many lives lost? There was no going back to do work, from then I just watched the parade of refugees pouring in from the ferry boats arriving constantly. I  had resigned to the fact I wasn’t getting home that day. There was talk of the company bringing out inflatable beds they had in storage from Y2K. Then my fate for the evening changed, I wouldn’t be stuck in such close proximity to the war zone that night. They just opened the Path train to mid town. Me and a few other NY co-workers got a ride to the station in Hoboken . 

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What would in be like once we got to Manhattan? The LIRR was running and I was hoping it stayed that way until I got the hell out of dodge. The train pulled into the station and I made my way through the subterranean maze.  I could hear the sirens blaring and as my line of sight rose , the papers blowing all around the street from the towers could be seen. As I finished my assent from the underworld, before me was a huge upside down American Flag. WTF! I learned later it was an ad for a Redford Movie where a General is thrown into military prison being run by a tyrannical commandant played by James Gandolfini. The upside down American Flag is the signal for distress.

 I needed to get back with God, I could die at anytime.

  For the next few days the stench of the massacre hung in the air. I remember riding in to work on the 13th in a totally silent car peering  out the window passing through the cloud of smoke still coming from ground zero. I needed to get back with God, I could die at anytime.  The threat of terrorism hung in my mind. This place is a soft target waiting to happen again as I was constantly reminded by the police and national guard with side arms, body armor, machine guns and German Shepards. The years that followed I spent my time in the word of God, reading the bible on my commute cover to cover. In those first few days a man seeing me read my bible on the train commented to me “All people are basically good.” Yeah sure , right buddy. It was during this time I came to understand the Gospel or good news of Jesus Christ as never before. We are saved by the work of the cross and not by our own works. I had been a student of prophecy for many years before but never in all that time did I understand  God’s plan of salvation.  And boy was I encouraged that we had a man of God in the white house at such a terrible time.  I fell for all the propaganda on the news. I had spent a few years as a mechanical engineering major and I never stopped to really think how impossible the events of that day were as they explained.  My friend with the FDNY had even told me there were secondary explosive at the scene and people in a van that were apprehended. They must be keeping these things secret for national security I thought. The only conspiracy they allowed spoken on the air  was that all the Jews stayed home from work that day. How ridiculous, this incensed me as I self described myself as a “Christian Zionist “. Such a preposterous notion  was put out to discredit more plausible theories.

 How can I get out? How can I depend the least on the system? I needed to get off the grid!

   Life went on with the constant threat of terror in the back ground. Got married, bought a dog, bought a house had kids, life was marching forward. Then one day it all changed, how could I have been so gullible. Watching Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove  was like being thrown into a bath of ice water in the winter, the people I always thought of as Godly men who had the highest of integrity being involved in very ungodly rituals.  It struck a cord with me and my days in a college fraternity. The ceremony, the symbols ,the hand gestures and the regalia. One of the strangest sights you can see after having your “hoodwink” removed is your fraternities treasurer, a black guy, dressed up in purple like a grand dragon of the KKK.  Then I just started absorbing everything, I had a voracious insatiable appetite to discover every lie I had come to know and discover all that was hidden from me. False Flags, government drug running, Vaccines, The Federal Reserve, Chemtrails, GMO’s, MK Ultra. At this same time  I started to discover the world of conspiracy, I was at the height  of  illness. I was sick constantly; every couple of weeks I’d come down with strep throat and I had excruciating pain in my back.  In addition, I had nightly acid reflux and I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.  Soon my body would be all gnarled up.  I was told if I didn’t inject myself with a medication that shut down my immune system, this and more would happen. And oh yeah, I might get cancer if I took the drug, but I’d probably get cancer if I didn’t I was told. Armed with the sword of truth, I cut through the lies of the modern medical system. I learned about healing through nutrients and how auto immune diseases affected the body. I cut out all fast food and things containing High Fructose Corn syrup and other processed ingredients. I rediscovered Milk, real Milk, Raw Milk! I read all about the war on nutritious food and herbal medicine to keep people locked into a failed medical model. But then, the most sinister plans came to light, Eugenics! Depopulation! One world tyrannical  government! The elites are  planing to build the system up only to bring in all crashing down one day. Then emerge from the ashes like the phoenix to enslave man under their rule forever. I was reading things that lined up with my knowledge of Prophesy.  I couldn’t live in this system one more day then I had to.  I wouldn’t participate in something so sinister.  How can I get out? How can I depend the least on the system? I needed to get off the grid! I needed to find somewhere remote where I could farm and raise livestock.  Mmmm, but I’d still need to buy feeds and seeds. I found the answer, Heirloom seeds and permaculture.  I’d need power, electricity heat.  I’d already discovered alternative medicines. I’d learn all the herbs and create tincures salves and grow all my medicine so I did not rely on their health system. Give up the use of the monetary system  where they put their demonic symbology on the bills. “In God We Trust”? Did you ever ask yourself if your god is the same as their god?  I’m only at the beginning of my journey. I hope to use this forum at Grid Rebellion to share what I’ve already discovered, documenting lessons learned and mistakes I’ve made. I will hopefully get your input through comments.  Now,day by day, I work on getting one step closer to personal sovereignty. Please, come join me in my exodus and together not comply with their world. To Rebel against thier grid!




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