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This is not a coupon clipping kind of prepping

Be a GR( Grid Rebel) Man ... or Women!

Grocery food coupon clipping crap food Unhealthy food is good for starvation and barter but thats about it

I have only seen the show Dooms Day Preppers once. No wonder my friend Mike had a dumb founded look when he asked me, “What are you? like one of those preppers, like that show?”  I don’t watch TV any more. I’m always so busy it seems like I don’t know how I was ever able to do anything productive when I had hours of my favorite shows to watch.  But I sat myself down in front of the computer and started watching–I was horrified. Here were two morbidly obese people with guns drawn performing some kind of drill to protect their hoard of Cheetos, Ding Dongs, Hoho’s, Kraft Mac and Cheese , etc. It seems like a logical progression that if you are  good at clipping coupons, you’d naturally call yourself a prepper which sounds like a step up from hoarder.  I bet you can get a hell of a lot of , for lack of a descent word , “food” at the Piggly Wiggly for a fraction of the cost of the popular name brand storeable foods, the twinkies would probably last lonest, if you know the art of couponing. The next step after buying all this stuff is to buy some weapons to defend it in the coach potato Apocalypse. Don’t get me wrong, if someones hungry enough, even the biggest health nut would scarf down anything in these people’s cabinet.   And talk about barter, the average man cave dweller would sell their first born in exchange for all the chemical laden carbs packed in this processed food when the supply lines for these goodies get cut. But if you are relying on these foods to get you through in a real SHTF scenario, you’d better have a lifetime supply of insulin on hand with a battery backed to run the refrigeration for that long too.



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I’m not in the best shape, I admit. I am working on my physique and hope to have some dramatic before and after pics up to explain how I did it . I spent many years of my life not caring about what I put down my pie hole. I suffered from auto immune diseases as a result of what I ate. I’ve also had my share of yo-yo diets. Now when I eat I am conscious of what goes in and what it can do to my body as well as what it can do for my body. I eat for my health first. You can’t call yourself free if you willfully do things that make you a slave to a medical system that would like nothing better than to get repeat business. Ask yourself why the FDA has control of both food and medicine in the same agency.

A true prepper should care about living over the long haul. Take the time now to not just prep to feed your belly, but sustain you without the need of pharmaceuticals. For true food and health sovereignty, learn wildcrafting. Familiarize yourselves with the plants and herbs, especially in your area, that will feed you all the nutrients you need to keep your body in top health and about the medical varieties that will be good for what ails you. As organic food gets more popular, prices will come down and you’ll be able to find more bulk deals. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of organic and Non-GMO certified foods at Costco. Although just because somethings organic, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. However, it will sure be better than the regular super market variety. As always, your goal should be to escape that which takes the power out of our hands and puts the control in the hands of others.


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