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Log Burners Attention!

Rock Mass Heaters Are The Most Efficient Wood Burning Stoves Ever

log_burners At this Town of Oyster Bay Facility on Long Island, some of the wood from fallen trees during Hurricane Sandy were stored here. One of the side effects of Sandy was the plentiful supply of firewood that they advertised were being given away.

Log Burners of the World, Attention Please

Log Burners you’ll love this! Imagine heating your home for the year with 1/10th the amount of wood used by a conventional wood burning stove producing 1/1000th of the smoke! Imagine heating your home for the day on a few twigs and branches or even just junk mail. Rocket Mass Heaters are an incredibly efficient wood burning stoves that you can build inexpensively yourself.

Wood Burning Stoves offer great cost savings over traditional heating but…

There are a few basics you need to cover when talking about self reliance and not depending on fragile systems, one of those is shelter. Shelters need to be in a certain temperature range for comfort and survival otherwise it’s not a very good shelter. When I realized that we might not always have the benefits of cheap on demand energy, I knew I needed to find a better, more reliable way to heat my home. My home is heated with natural gas, many others choose oil to heat theirs. These forms of energy fluctuate in price up and down but mostly the trend is up! At a certain point the energy used to transport this fuel to your home isn’t going to be cost effective. With out the discovery of plentiful and easy to reach deposits, prices will continue to climb. Don’t forget geopolitical tension which only compound the cost and problems associated with petroleum based solutions. My curiosity was piqued by a few people I know who have wood burning stoves in their home and they just love the savings they get from having it heat their home and family during those cold winter nights. But wow!,the amount of wood they need to acquire, chop and store for the winter season is a massive undertaking. Oh and don’t forget about the disclaimer that also goes along with with wood burning stoves, the creosote build up that causes house fires.

Enter The Rocket Mass Heater

When I started to research the things I needed to do to live off the grid, I was amazed by a simple innovation called a rocket mass heater. This method of burning wood took the science of fire and heat to a whole new level for me. This is just a short list of the many benefits.

  • Heating your Home with 1/10th the amount of wood used by a conventional wood burning stove
  • Rocket Mass Heaters produce 1/1000th the amount of smoke
  • Creosote build up is eliminated because the Rocket Mass Heater burns so efficiently
  • In areas where wood burning stoves are regulated, use of Rocket Mass Heaters are virtually undetectable because of how little smoke is produced
  • The mass placed around the heating system creates a “Heat Battery” which radiates the energy throughout the day

Right now learning the skill to make a Rocket Mass heater is #1 on my to do lists

I had previously purchased some of the material to create a rocket mass heater because I was just so amazed. Now that winter is approaching and the growing season is over, my #1 project right now is to create a functioning rocket mass heaters. Who better to learn from but the guy I discovered it from on YouTube, Paul Wheaton from Permies.

His video Wood Burning Stoves 2.0 features

  • Fire Science – The foundation for understanding how rocket stoves and rocket mass heaters work
  • Sneaky Heat – How to build a rocket mass heater an order of magnitude better than any previous rocket mass heater. A portable design Rocket Mass Heater that can be taken apart in under an hour, loaded onto a truck, moved and rebuilt in under an hour
  • Boom Squish – Only for the advanced, strategies for alternative hot water heater
  • Hot Rocket – This video explores the J-tube style rocket stoves. Other rocket stoves feature an L-tube style the requires constant manual feeding. This video also has information on some tiny home made cookstoves, and several different pocket rockets(Miniature versions of the rocket Mas Heaters) .

I’m going to be getting get Wood Burning Stoves 2.0 and will review the online video and share my results. Subscribe to news letter and I’ll keep you updated on how I do. If you have seen Wood Burning Stoves 2.0 or have experience with your own designs, I’d love to read your comments below.

Click Here To Get Wood Burning Stoves 2.0
Wood Burning Stoves 2.0

Click Here To Get Wood Burning Stoves 2.0

Log burners can’t get better than this!

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