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Bugging out of Dodge

Coming up with a plan to secure and sustain you and your family

The buildings of Pilgrim State Psychiatric Facility stand testament to how quickly a functioning system can collapse and be overtaken by nature The buildings of Pilgrim State Psychiatric Facility stand testament to how quickly a functioning system can collapse and be overtaken by nature

I live in what most would consider the worst place in the US when disaster strikes, maybe a close second behind Hawaii. My home and family are located on Long Island in the State of New York. If it were it’s own state, it would rank 13th in population and first in population density. Our only connection to the continent are bridges that lead into New York City. If there was ever an emergency that required an exodus of what would almost be the population of Virginia, the chaos that would ensue would be unimaginable. Good thing the Shoreham nuclear power plant was shut down before it started full operation.

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I’ve lived through quite a few hurricanes; Sandy had to be the worst. I was already aware of how bad things could get in economic crisis etc. and had already begun to prepare for the worst and bought a generator. I was quick to hit the gas station before the hurricane came and while the gas stations still had gas the next day, I topped up. I managed to stay out of the huge gas lines where supply quickly drained and tempers flared . When I did eventually get close to running out of gas for the generator, I filled up my truck with what little gas was left and drove out in the wee hours of the morning and headed out west through NYC and NJ to the center of Pennsylvania where the effects of Sandy hadn’t been felt and the gas was cheaper then I had seen it in quit a while. Another thing to note, I had a few weeks before bought an old Mercedes 300D that I wanted to convert to run on waste vegetable oil. If only the oil plug hadn’t fallen out somewhere on the northern state I wouldn’t have had a problem driving anywhere as there was not a single line for diesel fuel that could be seen anywhere.

The next time could be much worse. What if the bridges had been locked down and I couldn’t get out to buy gas? I have a property I’ve already bought that’s outside of any metropolitan area. I know without a doubt that the time will come when my present way of life will not be sustainable. I want the transition to be smooth and not rushed, but reading about the state of our country and world economy, I know the dam could break at any given moment. Every day I work harder and harder at setting up a sustainable way of life for me and my family, unfazed by the chaos soon to occur. No place is ideal and every place has it’s own challenges. I have the location, now I’m working on replacing my livelihood with a passive income. The taxes are low and I managed to find a few acres that allowed me to jointly purchase the land without taking out any loans. It’s going to be a lot cheaper to live there, but with a passive income to cover expenses I can have a few bad growing seasons and get the hang of homesteading and providing our own food. So now I do what I can every day to make that alternative lifestyle a reality through projects I do, improvements on my land and knowledge and the know-how I gain everyday. You might be in that same situation as me but don’t know where to start. I want to share all I’ve learned with you in this blog, whats worked,what hasn’t, and what I would do different next time or if I had it to do over again.

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