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November Off the Grid Update

Elections Ebola and the Economy

off the grid inexpensive foundation More on this in an article this month!

November Off the Grid Update

Well it’s been close to a month since launching! The initial work to get the site up running and functioning well seems to have slowed down so I can now focus on providing great content on off the grid living , homesteading and permaculture for you the reader. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter to get all the updates and get exclusive deals.

Tiny House and Trees, Trees and more Trees

The image above is part of my current project and the subject of a future article. I am building a green house, but part of the green house will be a shed that uses some principles that I think can be applied to a Tiny House. You might have heard of the Tiny House movement. Bigger is not always better. I have also been reading Mark Shepard’s Book, Restoration Agriculture.

Click image to purchase Restoration Agriculture by Mark Shepard from Amazon

I’ll be giving my full review on this great book and how important and profitable trees are to a permaculture system. Speaking of trees, I’ll be going on an Autumn tree tour this weekend that I’ll be sure to tell you all about!


Economy, Ebola and Elections

The bug out indicator has sure been high this past month. The economy was looking like it was about to take a huge fall. Things seemed dire indeed, but along came the Japan to light a fire under the US markets with their Harakiri monetary policy. Oddly, we now have new record highs in the major stock market indices and an extremely high dollar value. Gas prices are low as well so all seems great to the average fellow on the street. Don’t be fooled, the day of reckoning is coming; all the tricks will just make it all the much worse when it happens. My suggestion would be to take some money off the table if you are invested in stocks and buy real assets. Land, gold, silver, and store-able food would be high on my list. In my previous article Want to Know How to Invest in Gold?, I explain the best way for a beginner to start buying gold. As the price continues to dip, you can see how it makes sense to buy smaller purchases of precious metals on a regular basis.

Another topic that has ordinary people wondering if they should head for the hills and live off the grid is Ebola. We haven’t heard too much lately in the main stream media, but I don’t think we have heard the last about this disease. Probably not until it’s too bad to keep covered up. Ebola shouldn’t be such a problem for this country, but it seems like the government and CDC are making all the wrong moves where Ebola is concerned. This strain seems to be unlike previous strains. This seems likes it’s either mutated or even weaponized.

Another election has came and went. The results portends a mega shift in the reigns of power (even though 96% of incumbents kept their jobs) Don’t be lulled into thinking that all is right with the country now just because your color won. There are some good politicians on both sides of the aisle that look to do good, but they are in the minority. I predict that even though both houses are Republican, look for the American people to still come out the losers, and mega rich, mega corporations, special interests, and globalists to still come out ahead.





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