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Off the Grid December Update

Vermiculture Microgreens and global economic intrigue

Off the Grid December UpdateMicroGreen Peas MicroGreen Peas

Off the Grid December Update

Hello loyal readers and those just dropping in to check out, welcome to our Off the Grid December Update. Just a quick update from us at This is our second update and our third month since being launched. I’m still trying to get on a regular posting schedule. So bear with us as we enter a steady state of operation. I look forward to 2015 as we take our site on a major ramp up in content and viewership.

MicroGreens, Vermin and a FaceOff

Stay tuned next month for more articles and videos. We have microgreens all plated up for you. I want to share with everyone what I’m doing to grow my own micro greens and talk about following my passion to become a commercial farmer. I’ll also be showing you my vermiculture project. 2000 little critters turning food scrapes into precious compost. On a personal note, I have made a decision to pull the plug on my personal Facebook account. I see this as a big step to get off the Grid and reclaim a lot of wasted time. I plan on devoting all my commentary and focus to you, the dear reader.

King Dollar and Black and Blue Tension

Whats foremost to me in the headlines is the Global Economy. We continue to see record highs in the Stock Market, Low Prices in Gas and tumbling commodity currencies with a strong dollar. Who is causing these disruptions, if anyone is controlling it? I think a case can be made for many theories on who benefits. My take on it is that there has been a succession of events that have brought us to where we are today

1) The USA agreed to a plan to scale back on it’s role as the world reserve currency and be part of an IMF SDR basket.

2) The USA delayed on it’s implementation. I believe this is what Obama was discussing with Dmitry Medvedev when the hot mic picked up “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility”

3) The BRICS countries lost patience with the USA and went full steam ahead with it’s alternative to the The Dollar / SDR and IMF

4) What we are seeing now is a test of the BRICS countries resolve to weather a currency crisis outside of the US Dollar / IMF Auspices. I think those with the reigns of power in the US are crazed enough to trash the one and only bright spot in our GDP, Fracking !  Time will tell if it was worth it to bring Mother Russia to heel.

Also on the radar is the engineered  tensions between police and black people in this country.  First, I’d like say what a paradox all of this is. On the one side of the argument you have by and large conservative types who say they believe in limited government saying they want to give the muscle of big government all the extra constitutional power  and leeway to do what ever they want. On the other side are those who want government to have more control, to do more for the population having a problem with the police having too much power and control over them. Am I the only one who sees the madness with this? Conservatives who say just obey the law, what will you do when an LEO enforces a bad law to take away your firearms? Will you be breathing easy? I do believe these tensions are being ramped up and controlled as a means to an end.



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