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Passive Income Streams

Fund Your Escape Off the Grid

Passive Income Streams Passive Income Streams

Passive Income Streams and Off the Grid Living

Some people might like the excitement of Urban night life and culture while others might enjoy the pure Americana of Suburbia. In good economic times these lifestyles aren’t extremely difficult to support. Metropolitan hubs like these have many opportunities to find employment or opportunities to sell products and services to those workers. Trying to support yourself in a rural setting can be a lot more difficult. If you do manage to find a job it will occupy much of your time and take away from time spent setting up and running your farm or homestead. What if you could earn an income with very little to hardly any input of your time?

Passive Income Streams

In today’s world there are many opportunities to be almost anywhere in the world you want and still make a sizable income. Globalism and our Internet linked world can allow an average person to connect with suppliers across the globe or telecommute from the most remote areas. Our imaginations and drive are our only limitations. There are opportunities like never before to use these tools to set up a passive income stream that can fund your escape off the grid.

It might take a little more time up front but there are many opportunities to create passive incomes streams with very little start up costs. If you have a particular skill that others might want to learn about you can create an ebook or video to teach that skill. If you have an original idea, you can potentially sell it to someone for a percentage of profits. Have an idea for an iphone app or website but don’t have the technical skills? It’s incredibly easy to find someone with the right skills for a fraction of the cost in places around the world.

Recently I created the website This is an eCommerce site that I set up that took lots of work to get set up but going forward isn’t going to require much less time to maintain. I’m very passionate about the topic of Sustainable Farming and Permaculture so having a website that sells T-Shirts with this theme wasn’t a big stretch for me. It all started with the idea, then the time spent in research to make it low cost and easy to maintain. I found a great Print On Demand T-Shirt Company that already had a plugin available for my website to automatically send them orders. With print on demand I don’t have to lay out the money to print hundreds of T-Shirts in many different sizes in one color. Next, I found a company to accept credit card payments that also had a plugin to my website that doesn’t require a monthly cost and can keep the user from going off my website. This was the professional touch I was looking for. For the T-Shirt’s, I come up with all the ideas and contract out to artists to produce the designs I want.



There are many websites and resources that can do a much better job then I can to show you how to set up a passive income stream. Top on my recommendation is Tim Ferriss’s Book The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Expanded and Updated)

Also see my articles and video on Karatbars. Karatbars has an amazing affiliate program you want to be a part of.


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