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Independence Day Update

Hello Grid Rebels around the globe and happy Independence Day! First off let me apologize for my absence. I had lots of motivation when I launched the site and I promised myself I’d keep a steady pace of activity. That didn’t happen but I’ve always had an eye to return. So I hope I can do a relaunch of the site with much more planned. When things didn’t come crashing down at the speed I thought it would I felt it there was time to pursue other ventures that I always thought I didn’t have time for. First was music and second was fitness. Let me try to explain what I had worked on and what I plan to do for the future.

Music for the Rebellion

Music is something I have always had a passion for but never had the time to pursue it. I always wanted to be creative. I studied art in school but it didn’t give me a thrill as music did. I wanted to create music and perform it. I was in rock bands during junior high and high school but once I was in college I didn’t continue. Last September during my commute I came up with some lyrics that sparked something that I hadn’t felt in a while. I put pen to paper and wrote 10 songs. I was familiar with the site Fiver for graphics I needed. I hired musicians there to put my lyrics to melody and pretty quickly, before knew it, I had full songs.  I need to work on my vocals more before releasing it. So now I have one more project that is left unfinished that I plan on taking back up again.So hopefully more to come on my music career in the future.

Fit after 40

My second project was weight loss and body building. I had already put on some good muscle mass and was trying to loose the weight through weight lifting and eating healthy paleo food. This wasn’t working so I had to introduce a calorie deficit. I want to write lots about health , healthy food and healthy living but who wants this advice from someone thats obese? To date I have lost 80 pounds and manage to keep most of my muscle gains. Once I reach my goal weight of about 180 pounds I plan to do lots of YouTube videos and launch a new site. Also I am working on an eBook on how I did it. My gym schedule is really time consuming with many days of 2 plus hours in the gym and at the end of the day I’m so tired from work, then working out  and my calorie deficit. I know the results will be worth it and I hope to be done in two months time.

Expect more to Come!

Well rebels thats it for now.  Expect more to come! Declare your Sovereignty and Independence from the Grid today!

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